Advertising Options

Policy Online offers three types of advertising
Newsletter banners
Website block ads

Classifieds are $90. Each ad appears once in our Weekly Briefing newsletter (sent out to over 17,300 people) and classified listings also remain on the Policy Online website until they expire. Classifieds are for events, jobs, courses and books. There is also a free listing service for notices and calls which is strictly moderated.

Newsletter banner advertising costs $250 per newsletter (see examples of our newsletter here: - most recent issues have banners). The newsletter goes out each Wednesday and we have a maximum of two banners per issue. Each is 150 x 600 pixels (h x w).

Website block ads on the Policy Online website cost $20 per 1000 impressions with an average of around 2000 impressions per day depending on the number of ads running at any one time. Each block is 250 x 300 pixels (h x w).

The block ad system we use (Google DFP) allows for a variety of formats and has the ability to report on the amounts of clicks each block ad receives. Block ads can also be targeted to particular geographic regions.

Banner and block ads are subject to availability and need to be confirmed with a staff member. To discuss your booking please call: 03 9214 5609 or email:

If you are likely to be a frequent advertiser there are deals available for multiple bookings here: